Thursday, 16 March 2017


I have loved and been loved back and to me, no emotion beats that feeling....
Its a feeling that makes my heart race everytime i think of him, a feeling that makes me wake up every morning with excitement (no more "i'm not a morning person"feeling), its a happy feeling that pushes me to strive hard, to be a better person than what i was yesterday... for the one I love.

To love and be loved back is to live.

Sadly though, sometimes love is not reciprocated. I know that feeling too, because i have loved and i have not been loved back. It is sad that we mostly work so hard trying to please the person that doesnt love us back, thinking that maybe, if we love them hard enough, then maybe they will reciprocate. But we all know that doesnt work.

So i try to love and to only love people that want me to love them and love me back too. Whenever i realise my love is not reciprocated, i am not afraid to walk away because i believe i can always be loved by someone else.

Today i bumped into an article that basically insunuated that a woman will love only 3 times. Here is the link :

I beg to differ with the article because at 31, i have loved more than 3 people and i still love.....

When in love....i soar so high

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


On my way to work this morning i heard a conversation on the breakfast show by a local fm station regarding a soldier who was tortured into confessing to a crime he allegedly committed while on duty.

For the first time in many years, i went looking for the daily newspaper so i could read the story and get more details and to say my heart was broken is an understatement.

Not to go into details of the crime, i focused on the torture where the soldiers' testicles were tied onto a sac weighing 15kgs (i cannot begin to imagine how painful that was) and after almost ripping off his testicles, he was thrown into a plastic container where he stayed for over 24hrs with no food and no water.......NONE.

"The doctors found that the soldiers' testicles decayed due to the brutality meted out on his sexual organs by his tormentors ...." read the sub headline

I don't ever want to understand how a sane human being can do that to any living being let alone a fellow human (Sigh..)

My heart is shuttered. At 33 years of age, this man is now impotent.


God have mercy on us....

Below is the story as written by the dailies......painful to read.


14th March 2017

My name is Malinda and this blog is about my life.

Daily experiences including work, relationships, finances, travels, inspirations, failures, successes, fears, love, lust, health, fitness then some.....

I hope to write atleast twice a week and that my life and the simple yet happy approach i have to it inspires someone out there.

I also hope that my insights (which i am told are mostly deep and quite charming) are helpful to someone out there.

My friends, family and acquaintances say i am easy to talk to, so i get to be the one who listens to their issues, fears, troubles especially regarding love and dating. I am told i give sober advice in those areas, advice that seems to work for everyone else but me as i have tried dating and failed over and over again. But i still try, because i love to love and i love to be loved back, so i keep trying.

Welcome to my world.
Flowers....the key to my heart