Tuesday, 14 March 2017


14th March 2017

My name is Malinda and this blog is about my life.

Daily experiences including work, relationships, finances, travels, inspirations, failures, successes, fears, love, lust, health, fitness then some.....

I hope to write atleast twice a week and that my life and the simple yet happy approach i have to it inspires someone out there.

I also hope that my insights (which i am told are mostly deep and quite charming) are helpful to someone out there.

My friends, family and acquaintances say i am easy to talk to, so i get to be the one who listens to their issues, fears, troubles especially regarding love and dating. I am told i give sober advice in those areas, advice that seems to work for everyone else but me as i have tried dating and failed over and over again. But i still try, because i love to love and i love to be loved back, so i keep trying.

Welcome to my world.
Flowers....the key to my heart

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